Until we meet again

Rotherhithe and You

We receive a number of enquiries from time to time from people who are researching family history. St Mary's does not have copies of historic Parish Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. These are collected together at the Metropolitan Archives in Clerkenwell, London and many are available online at the following website


We are always delighted to hear from people whose family roots are in historic Rotherhithe and now live in many parts of the world and we welcome visits which are best made by contacting the parish clergy.

....and Finally

We hope you have found your visit to this web site an interesting and informative experience.

So much has been achieved in the past under changing circumstances, and often in the face of great adversity. Over many centuries the Church of St Mary has served the people of Rotherhithe, and this must continue.

The maintenance and repair of this historic church is a very costly business, which alone requires resources far beyond the reach of the local community. Although this work is essential, we need to do much more than simply preserve the inheritance handed down to us. In the 21st century it is just as necessary to respond to the changing needs of the surrounding population as it was in former times. The project to convert the crypt into a much needed community resource is one example of what is planned.

If you would like to assist St Mary's journey into the future, and even travel some way with us if you can, your support will be welcomed and valued in the times ahead. You will always be assured of a welcome.

Kind Regards

Fr Mark Nicholls

Rector St Mary the Virgin