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Welcome to St Mary’s website.


From the Rector, the Reverend Canon Mark Nicholls SSC

Welcome to St Mary’s website. On behalf of everyone at St Mary’s I hope very much that you will find the website both useful and informative.

In 2015 we celebrated the 300th anniversary of the rebuilding of St Mary’s and so this year we enter the fourth century in which this church has been used for worship, Our parish history goes back into medieval times and we are looking forward to that history and tradition continuing well into the future. Many people who come to St Mary’s are delighted to find a lovely church in a back street in South London close to the Thames

But lovely as it is St Mary’s is much more than a building. It has a good and faithful community of people who gather for the daily and weekly worship which Christians  offer to Almighty God. The centre of our worship is the Parish Mass on Sundays at 10am and you are welcome to join us. Also on the website you will find the times of other services in which you are welcome to join. The church building is open all week apart from Mondays usually between 9am and 6pm. If you are planning to visit please get in touch with me in advance by phone or email. Details of these are available on the website.

The church is available for baptisms, usually for people resident in the parish but we recognise that for many people St.Mary’s is a spiritual home, a family church and House of God for those who once lived in Rotherhithe and have moved away. You are also most welcome. Similarly for weddings if you live in the Parish of St.Mary’s you are allowed to be married here, but it is also possible to be married here if you are a regular worshipper or you have an appropriate connection with the church. Funerals at St Mary’s or at which the parish clergy officiate may be arranged with an undertaker who will contact me on behalf of the family of the deceased.

We are delighted to receive requests from groups and individuals to visit the church and I happy to be available to give talks about the church’s history and the significance of Rotherhithe and its many remarkable historic connections. Many people come from far and wide with stories of far-distant members of their families who had a connection with St Mary’s and continue to cherish it many years later.

I hope you will enjoy the website and we look forward to welcoming you whenever you are able to visit us. Please remember the work and witness of St Mary’s in your prayers, and if you need us to pray for you please get in touch and we will remember you in our intercessions at Mass. May God bless you and keep you.

With best wishes,


Fr Mark



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